What will you not be optimistic about in life?

I wonder what the BIG picture looks like?
Wow!! This is what the BIGGER picture looks like…

If we consciously begin to perceive everything around us, somehow everything has optimism. Some are positive ones, others take you in a different direction.
Optimism, known by some other names would also be known as hope, ambition, aspiration, and or goals and mission.
Given any stage in life, we have certain view of what our optimism means to us. As we move out of that stage, our optimism changes accordingly. Just as this picture suggests, there is a limited view of what is being shown from behind the caves. We imagine what awaits on the other side of the cave opening, but we don’t see it. We can visualize it, but we can not accurately paint the picture as to what awaits.

Begin to think of the Big picture and the bigger picture that awaits us. The view may just astonish you.

In whatever stage you are in, have you actually asked these kinds of questions for the bigger perspective?

Rise above wherever you are and you will see and discover your horizons to be much wider than in the past. There is almost always a way to embark on any voyage, and overcome any obstacles or objections you face in your voyage. You must just look beyond the mountains or cliffs or the oncoming clouds and high tide and waves. They may slow your progress, however, they will not hinder your march towards your destination if you don’t let them.

You are fully equipped with the tools you need for your journeys. Bring them with you and you will uncover your passion for your journey. Onward and outward to your goal and your destination. Keep your optimism alive at every moment of your life. Keep your trigger on your faith and your ambitions, more importantly, keep your goals on a hook and you will begin to accomplish them in short and sustained manner.

Dive in, swim, breathe, enjoy, delight.

Yesterday is memory, today is passing you by, and tomorrow is about creating memories…What will add to your memories tomorrow onwards? 
Life is precious, Be yourself. This assessment will open those doors for you to be YOURSELF.