How much ownership do you have of all that you do?

Where is this place? When was it built? Who built it? Why did he build it? How much planning went into building this? How was it built?

All these questions can be answered by one answer. That one answer is that whoever built this temple, took the highest level of ownership in the design and construction of this temple almost 1000 years ago.

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Why is it that such planning and sustained design still attract us and impress us 1000 years later and will continue to impact us and teach us for many more years, decades, and centuries.

“Have you designed and built your life for others to cherish the legacy you will leave behind for many many years?” Begin to design the legacy by taking full ownership of what you do, what you will do, and what you think…

Your ownership will come because you are passionate about your own legacy…Ownership will seek you to develop leadership. Your leadership traits will then turn you to be more accountable. And your accountability will result in lasting results that will be favorable and help all that wants to be impacted by them.

“Ownership is for the focused few; focused few are the passionate few. Passionate few are the curious few, and the curious few are the legendary few!!”

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