Debate, Winning, losing, high road, low one! How did passion play its part?

Watching the Presidential debate Wednesday evening, we at ‘Pantel 4 Passion’ (  extrapolated the personal Passion Quotient (PQ) based upon the candidates body language, mannerisms and answers to questions.  
With 30+ years of experience the Passion Quotient (PQ) had been developed and the results from the debate were very telling of the passion at the moment.  The PQ levels for both varied. One displayed his passion, while the other’s passion took everyone by surprise. 
Are we more passionate because we show it or are we focused on the outcomes? A high PQ often leads to greater success. 
  • Did Einstein display his passion openly or did he want to be known as the silent performer?
  • What about Gandhi’s passion? How much did he show without the action?
  • How does Warren Buffett or Bill Gates show their passion?   

 You can find your PQ by taking the questionnaire online at, there is a fee for finding the detail results, but knowing your areas of opportunities could lead to better success.

Next week we will reevaluate the candidates to see if their passion once again matches their success in the debate.