Just AIM 4 Success

There is a first for everything.

Where did this name Just AIM 4 Success come from? Why? What is the story behind it?

If our stories begin our journey during our infancy, this is a sound proof of what values those stories create for us. Watching my father/mentor turn away duffle bags full of cash that came to him as a reward for the routine work he did as an official in the government, proved to me beyond a doubt that ‘just’ was the only way to live my life. AIM simply stands for Aspirations, Integrity, and Mindset. We all have aspirations, and don’t we all work and strive towards those aspirations all our lives? Integrity is arrived at when we stop fooling ourselves. and we ought to have the relentless positive mindset in order to overcome all that we will face in our respective journeys.

Additionally, there are 4 pillars to sustained success. That’s it. Simply put, if your goal is to have a sustained and sustainable success, you must look to adopt this mantra: JUST AIM 4 Success.

Now that we have embarked on this journey, watch for others to join.