Story telling, the most powerful medium to transfer cultures and is ageless.

Our stories, our journeys, however, personal and therefore small by any and many evaluations, are distinctly powerful in what they accomplish.
Each story is more powerful than your last. Each story is as powerful as any if you compare with those of others. Tell me a fact, and I will learn something, tell me a truth and I will believe you, but stories stay in my heart forever. What is your story? What is the beginning, what do you name it to capture the attention and hearts of others? Each one of us is a trailblazer in our own way. Have you left a trail lately? Have you begun thinking of your legacy? What is it about you that will remain in the hearts forever? When are you looking to share your story? Is it now? Why not? When is your right time? It is now.
Start shaping your stories… start telling your stories.
A story that began in a rural village, concluded in one of the highest positions in the government with key foundations of honesty and empathy. Independent, proud, and fearless, what a saint!
His son asked, “Why don’t you take bribe like the others do? We would then be really rich, and not have to worry about anything.” A calm reply to the 11 year old son was, ” Because I want to walk with my head held high, sleep peacefully at night, and I want to be true to myself at all times. “
The son had no response at the time, but to carry on that legacy at a later date by this blog.
Love life, be true to yourself. Lead life, be true to others.

Just AIM 4 Success

There is a first for everything.

Where did this name Just AIM 4 Success come from? Why? What is the story behind it?

If our stories begin our journey during our infancy, this is a sound proof of what values those stories create for us. Watching my father/mentor turn away duffle bags full of cash that came to him as a reward for the routine work he did as an official in the government, proved to me beyond a doubt that ‘just’ was the only way to live my life. AIM simply stands for Aspirations, Integrity, and Mindset. We all have aspirations, and don’t we all work and strive towards those aspirations all our lives? Integrity is arrived at when we stop fooling ourselves. and we ought to have the relentless positive mindset in order to overcome all that we will face in our respective journeys.

Additionally, there are 4 pillars to sustained success. That’s it. Simply put, if your goal is to have a sustained and sustainable success, you must look to adopt this mantra: JUST AIM 4 Success.

Now that we have embarked on this journey, watch for others to join.