I want to open my own business…

But, I want to wait for the right resources.

Question is: Why do you want to open your own business and the answers vary from one to the next. Whatever your answer, you will put in your sweat and blood into that business more than you did when you had a job and your boss was the worst one you ever had. Did you ever complain that your job demanded long hours and low pay, and no recognition? Don’t lose sight of any of that, cause you will end up working 25/10 with no cozy paycheck in the bank at the end of the month.
Is 25/10 a new concept for you and an unbelievable one? Here is a simple explanation for you. When you love what you do, your contributions will be at an all time high and your time will pass you by without you knowing whether you are working or your are doing this for your personal pleasure. That is why 24 hours are going to be too meager for your own business. If you stretch one hour everyday and add that to the 24 hours available to you, it gives you 25 and why would you then limit your week to five or seven days? Go on, have your productive spell and make the most of the week available to you by making it a ten day week. Simple, you will contribute 25/10 each week. That will, then be your competitive advantage. Competition will catch up with you, but only for their temporary success, because sustained success belongs only to those who are passionate about what they do with aspirations, integrity, and mindset.

Go on, be your own boss, resources will not be enough, time will not favor you, create your resources and the time, you will alter the course of economy, both for you and for others at large.
Live to thrive, and thrive to live, it beats the other option.

Whether it is your birthday or other celebrations…

How is your life different from what it was in 2012? It is no different, unless you begin to see each dawn as a new one, every moment an inspirational hope, all relations as lasting ones, because there is one difference today in your life and that is you are determined to make it different in 2013. Calendars are man made, so are the hours and minutes; go ahead make a difference in your life. Only you can. Friendships that end, never began. Move, crawl, walk, run, sprint and get ahead.

The difference between success and the other side is for you to stop condoning and tolerating pretense and fake politeness from others.

Make your 2013 a memorable one. Stand tall and be the unique one among the seven billion that are walking this earth.

Rejoice and energize the world around you.


Ben Pandya
602 432 5464

One more year going by…What lessons, what opportunities? How will you differentiate yourself in the coming years

We have conquered these mountains easily. Life is about energetically crossing each mountain. Some mountains are smaller yet more strenuous and leave a lesson behind. Hypocrisy and lack of integrity are the biggest hurdles you will ever cross with ease, yet if you look around you are surrounded by them. You will reach the tops of each mountain, but watch out for the multitudes of snakes in the grass. They will sting you. They will attempt to steal your energy. Remember this, however, should you wish you go fast; go by yourself. If you wish to go the distance, go with key partners and relations. Here’s to 2012 that is fast approaching. Wishing each one of the reader a year where they will THRIVE, irrespective of their location in life, THRIVE. Leave the nose diving for others. Everyone will survive, but only a few will THRIVE. Be different, be yourself, as everyone else is taken.

Re-energize your life by these simple steps.

Energize Your Work ~ Energize your teams! Deliver unparalleled exemplary customer service in your industry…
Five questions that can help you discover happiness & greater results for you!
1. What is the metric of your success?
2. When will this success match the “Legacy” you want to create?
3. How does this success make you happy?
4. Who is keeping you from being successful (and happy) every day?
5. Why are you not contributing at the level of your full potential?

The answers have a deep connection with “YOUR” passion. Is what you are doing today and everyday aligned with your passion? – Or are you simply spinning on a wheel and making it go faster? (And afraid to fall off?)

Can you list your passions, so you can chart your unique course to happiness? The journey starts with differentiating between what you are doing and what you would REALLY like to do – what you are deeply passionate about!

What do you need to do to win against any competition? What do you do to make every interaction memorable and unique? How do you ensure that every customer will think about your services first and will give you the first right of refusal?

Influence others with your solutions each time every way, with this discovery. You have a roadmap and the practical steps to move forward.

Expect the unexpected and transform your hindsight to foresight. Discover and channel your passion to your work and life – everyday. Happiness is your choice, make it! Take the first step to uncover your Passions.

Have you hit a PAR lately?

Any golfer would be delighted to hit a par, but a lot of practice balls are hit over and over in order to straighten the shot. Life is just like golf. You would be delighted if you hit a par, but have you hit a par lately? Only you can answer that question. Have you hit practice shots in life over and over? How many shots do you hit each day as practice shots? What direction does your ball go? Do you like that direction? Do you ask yourself to change the direction of the ball or do you see Monday through Saturday as routine, dull, boring life that no one can help you change?
First of all, however, you must ask yourself if you are being true to yourself or are you just spending a day at a time towards the ultimate of your journey. In this day and age of technology, the globe has become smaller than it ever was…people have come closer than ever before either by means of travel to all locations, or by social networking. You will see and read a lot of quotes that are substantial, however, if you look a bit deeper, these are the quotes from the people who do not walk the talk and therefore the impact of their quotes are only good on Facebook… If you are true to yourself, how many questions do you ask yourself about your own life? How many questions do you ask about what you really want from life in life? These are the practice shots that will change the direction of your balls. It will be so refreshing that you will soon start to hit the par most of the holes most of the times.
We have developed just the kind of practice range that will help you get PAR. That range is called Pantel4Passion through iphone or ipad. Download this and see how it reveals “Passion, Aligned, Reignited”. Those who have taken these practice shots, are already ahead of the game, hitting pars already that they never did in the past. They find a true passion for life and the energy of the wind behind their sailboat.
Two years ago, introspective thoughts depicted why we are so intrigued by monuments that are centuries and thousand years old. Is it the color of those monuments, is it the shape, the architecture, the use of masonary, the balanced arches, the angle of light falling on it during the day and during the nights? Although we may not have found the most accurate answers, we came away with this questions: Life is a dynamic monument, have you designed & built yours for others to cherish the legend and the legacy you will leave behind? Carry a mirror, it will not lie to you. Reflect on each moment and interaction, and you will soon be the envy of all others. Your thoughts will be filled with, yes I have hit so many PARs lately.

Why spontaneous interactions are far superior than organized networking?

If your day begins with one simple thought of how fantastic that day is going to be, it is very likely that your day will turn out to be better than any other. Seven billion is a very small number of people if you have the energy and the outlook for others. If you develop a perspective in your mind that there are no strangers in this world; only friends you have not met before.
Number of people have become lifelong friends just by simple conversations either in flight to some destination or at a hotel, or at a restaurant. Some of these friendships have turned into business and long term clients as well, however, by contrast, most of the networking events have given each one 30 seconds to introduce yourlself and your business and then there are 28 other people who will do the same. Does it get boring? Yes, it does. How much of those events do you remember once you leave the event? How many people do you remember afterwards and more importantly, what do you remember about them and what they do? Imposed or organized networking events are merely feeding into someone’s goal of how many members can we add this week?
If you tell yourself that you only have two options as to the kind of day you are going to have. Those two optioins are: You are either going to have a fantastic day or ………
a day that is better than fantastic. That thought will allow no one else to make your day any other kind. Spontaneous interactions will give you fantastic days and therefore will make other peoples’ days also no less. Live life….lead self…be delighted in your own wonderful spirits.

Do you want to do BIZ in emerging mkts? What do you have to do?

Be the lonely leader and AIM for success…
What has shaped as the pillars of globalization is the unwavering belief that people are people no matter where you go! Thirty years ago, I may have faced an argument or two from some Director of National Sales, who had merely heard of globalization in fiction books, has now willingly accepted this notion that in order to have sustainable business model in developing and emerging economies, we must deal with what is at the core of each culture and that is people.
Doing business in emerging economies once is easy and for that matter lucky. Doing business in emerging economies twice is easy and for that matter coincidence; it is when you want to continue to have a growth model in emerging economies in 2012 and beyond that you need to create trends and those trends are created with AIM- Aspirations, Integrity, and the Mindset.
Emerging economies tend to have a common thread that is so prevalent all throughout those countries. That thread is corruption. Instant gratification and the western influence has ignited gen X further to take to corruption in order to develop their cause and they tend to do so proudly. Be the lonely leader and willingly walk away from potential business opportunity that lures you to take to corrupt measures. In my limited travels of 89 countries and dealing with 120 countries multiple times and having lived now in diverse cultures, I am yet to meet a truly honest business person, hence my invitation and my challenge to those aspiring to business in the coming decade especially with emerging economies is to find those in such minorities and instill the benefits of honesty and integrity and its sustainability. Culturally, doing business in those countries finds another common element that is challenging and that is women leaders who are perceived new breed of threat to the male dominated societies. Along with these two elements if we add a third dimension, collectively they make the most dangerous triangle; even more dangerous than the Bermuda triangle; for a sustainable business model for 2012 and beyond in emerging economies. That third dimension is Religion. These three, corruption, gender, and religion collectively shape or deform the discipline that exists within the economy. These three shape the political agenda of a country and of course the economy. Religion is the biggest marketing game that promotes hope with hardly measurable and tangible ROI. Be skeptical, be lonely, but be the leader, and above all be spiritual.
Biggest opportunities lie in the youngest generations in these economies, should you get to start with them in their early infancy they would take to the learning and adopt AIM, so corruption, gender and religious bias would be lesser issue than in the past. It is superstitious and ungodly to believe that an act of majority binds a minority. Be the change, don’t think of changing others.

What does life mean for you??

Rain & shine,
life is what you make of it based on the thought that it is a spiritual experience of a roller coaster kind that is a challenging and an enriching journey for fun and ever changing to provide us a beautiful feeling.
I am a GIFT
that is purpose driven towards key contribution with purpose and determination to gain relentless learning of precious unpredictable
Truth and God.
Unexpected surprises that create reality wait at every continuous change;
professional development that takes effective communication at every stage by placing a mirror in front of us as a faithful friend,
who is loving and understanding and a mentor who searches, pushing it in the most appropriate direction towards a cycle that builds a legacy.
Life is full of enigmatic humility in spite of struggles and desires enticing each moment towards the adventure and game that creates irreplaceable art and an experience either through work or passion to continue to design a monument that is
Priceless and invaluable-
Amulya & Atulya.

How do you know you are passionate about whatever you are doing?

Uncovering your passions and their applicability

It is well known that passion is the single most significant source of success. Why then, do most people fall prey to the external environment and not pursue their passions? Life happens, stuff happens, things happen.
Reasons may validate the detour from pursuit of passion, however, getting back on track mandates self- awareness leading to awakening and surfacing the destination all over again. The clues reside within the phases of journey each one of us has taken so far, the hints lie in the aspirations we have for our time on this earth, and personal mission statement therefore becomes the map to maneuver and accelerate towards our passionate destination.
• Take an inventory of your key decisions, journeys, detours you have taken. If we are products of our past, then a snapshot in time as of today will be a past phenomenon for some distant future milestone.
• Map out your onward journey with a mission statement. If you buy into the mission of an entity or an organization, everything else will become cinch. Do you, therefore, have a mission statement of your own? Have you mapped out your own onward journey? Do you have a destination? Do you have a milestone? Do you have frequent measures of gauging the appropriateness of your path?
Exercise your freedom to choose, make every interaction a learning experience. How do you do that?
• Think of the last 100 interactions you have had with people. Which ones have stayed in your memory as unique experiences? What was unique about it? What happened in the interaction?
• Now that you have these answers, what attributes can you apply to your next 100 interactions, so that the others can begin to have similar unique experiences about interactions with you.
• If you don’t think for yourself, who will be for you? If you only think about yourself, what are you? Be selfish in your interactions. Be selfish by giving others the gift of an interaction better than your last one, by that you will have given them an interaction that is better than they have had from others in the past. Simple. Actionable. Result bound lesson from each interaction.
• Live passionately, lead energetically, believe that Aspirations, Integrity, and Mindset, this trio for success will provide you sustained triumphs over all else.
When you uncover your passion, you turn your hindsight into your insight. What do you want your insight to do for you today?
Come and explore “Uncovering your Passions and their applicability.” Call us at 602 432 5464 or write to us at ben@justaim4success.com


One of the most significant contributions India has made in the trend towards globalization is that India has added profits to organizations, large and small, domestic and multinational corporations, and for small businesses as well throughout the world. If this is true for India on the global scene, why is India falling to mediocrity in most other domestic measures?

This contribution and success appear really rosy from most angles, even if it means parents taking loans to ensure their kids study computer science and related degrees to make so much money in foreign jobs that they will be able to pay back in a short period of time. Mediocre educational institutions open their doors fairly frequently without much care for credibility on the global stage, as long as the fees keep coming, they will keep the printing press open to provide degrees without giving students the needed education. This mediocrity also means that gen Y is more at the malls and coffee shops than learning to succeed in the global market. India has been a key player in the game of globalization; if not by any other means, by providing IT solutions at a reasonable price for corporate America; by providing IT workforce at a price substantially lower than what America and others were used to paying.

Along this journey, Indian companies have picked up various issues leading to key mediocrity. Why does an employee in Ahmedabad and India engage at a sub-standard performance as compared to performing overseas at a level above what he/she has ever done within India? Many reasons lead people to not care, and employers to tolerate enough. There is an all pervading policy in the corporate world for a long time because of myopic vision of our beloved HR department. That policy is: pay your employees just enough for them to not look for another employment, and that leads employees to believe to perform their responsibilities just enough so that they will not be in trouble and will ride under the radar for a long time.

Mediocrity rises due to one of many reasons:
•We tolerate and condone mediocre employees because there are no better ones available
•Even at mediocre performance, the organizations make money, so why look for better results?
•She is my friends’ cousin’s niece, so how can I sack her for not performing or train her like I would other individuals?
•I could lose my job for losing anyone on my team
• Degrees impress us more than the education and the attitude with no care to raising the standards of education.

Who can actually help us overcome these reasons for mediocrity? The sad part is that it is not just limited to the work place; it transfers to our relationships and to our interactions. For instance, we must admit that we are not the most well-mannered bunch on this planet, but we are not rude either. We are rude only by our wants and desires to get the attention and service instantly, irrespective of whether there is another conversation going on or not, with the service provider.

In real life, not caring for others’ privacy and not being courteous to others is the most inappropriate behavior you display and this behavior shows the lack of mannered upbringing we ought to have gotten. By the way, these same people, when overseas, are so timid and in the last place in line, soft spoken, not demanding and more agreeable than most others.

Each one of us can rise above this mediocrity to become world class citizen by simply treating others the way they want to be treated. We can accomplish this by merely changing the way we ask for service. We can do this by changing our own view of the world that we are here to help and seek help, not the other way around. Ask, rather than tell; request, rather than dictate. Have the energy directed towards your own life, and you will see how this energy ends up helping you in the most miraculous way.

All this is easier than it appears, you just have to make up your mind that starting now, you are going to be different and not settle for mediocrity in any aspect of your life. That determination that clarity, that focus, that direction will lead you beyond what any of your imagination or dream might venture to take you! Word of caution for those that listening: you will have to do it yourself; nobody else will do it for you. You will do it, because you have opted for the freedom to choose to do it.