Gratitude and effectiveness

Our thoughts and blogs have gathered more than 45000 readers from across the globe. Become an engaged reader and gain the awareness for your onward journey.

We are unknown to the readers and the readers are friends we have not met or known before, yet we have made a tremendous connection and alignment in their respective lives. We have received so many compliments and comments on our blogs and this blog is about the kind of experiences readers have had reading and digesting our thoughts.

Whether you have applied the learning from our blogs at your work or in play, it has given you time to reflect on the situations rather than have an instant reaction.

Some of you have shared how our blogs have provided you the needed education or friendships that have resulted in lasting ones and some others have been able to use this knowledge to make extra money as well.

Whether it is family or happiness, feelings of pride show the kind of success you have seen based on the learning we have shared in our blog.

Some of you may have even become more adventurous and grown your ambition to have a dream holiday for the most apt recreation. These have helped some in their business to build greater teamwork by learning key manners of interactions.

Some of you have elected to take risks and responsibility to a new level showing your true leadership irrespective of your gender. Moreover this leadership has come with higher level of integrity and healthy competition, which has in turn given you the courage to be more confident to persist the pursuit of your purpose.

Some others have experienced a higher level of respect and this has helped some to overcome some conflicts and built enhanced degree of trust. This trust, loyalty, and your honest reputation is now giving you the much needed recognition and that has built your personal health simultaneously made your organizations more fun with the kind of humor that was absent most of the times.

Now you are on your way to travel through the journey of life while coaching others and being coached by others. Happy travels, Bon Voyage!!

Come back to visit us again, but do drop a line or two to share your influential experiences with us as well.

The clearer your choices, the better your planning…

Need we say more? 

The previous blog spoke about the more you plan the clearer your choices!! This time around we turned the tables on planning. 
Clear choices and clarity of thought will provide you with the kind of determination that will withstand any adversity and untoward comment from any source. With such clarity of thought you will soon become the best there is and will not ever have to be victimized by many. 
Enjoy the moment! The beach is made of millions of sand particles. Our life is no different. Those millions of sand particles make up beautiful beaches all over the globe. The singular moments that shape our lives build a legend of a life for others to cherish. 

The more you plan, the clearer your choices…

Plan these ten areas with us to evaluate how you succeed with distinction in many other tests life throws at you.

(On a scale 1 to 10, rank where do you stand in these matters. 10 being the highest level and 1 being a questionable mark)
  1. How do your acquaintances rank you in terms of openness?
  2. How stubborn are you in light of what is right and appropriate?
  3. How often do you talk negatively about some of your close friends?
  4. How often do you keep things confidential when someone has trusted you with that information?
  5. How often do you do things under the excuse of doing it for the kids?
  6. How often do you stand up for your friends?
  7. How do people rate you as aligned with in terms of your values and your beliefs?
  8. How do you rank yourself in terms of integrity?
  9. How do others rank you in terms of integrity?
  10. How sustained and long term is your success likely to be?
There are no right or incorrect responses, but your responses will prove once more what we have observed, thought, believed, and known for about half a century or longer that the more you plan your life from the outset, the clearer your choices of how you will lead your life and how you will lead those around you including being the model for the kids we are so proud to bring into this world of ambiguity and unparalleled trust.

Self gain is the only interest that prevails in the weak, where as being happy and happier for others is for the strong few. Persistence in planning provides you the clarity of thought that pervades all throughout humanity regardless of known or unknown entities. There are seven billion people on this earth. How many of them will you ever get to meet or know?

The sole purpose of the souls is to meet them by our thoughts, words, actions, and behaviors that will sustain  centuries and generations. Plan your purpose to persist and pervade all through the globe, not for any other reason than to merely be a HUMAN BEING. I am merely a human being, trying to be ONE, showing others around the globe that they can be ONE.,,

What is your IQ, EQ, and PQ?

We know the first two terms such as IQ and EQ, do we know what PQ means or stands for? IQ has been known as the Intelligence Quotient, and EQ came to us as the Emotional Quotient. PQ quite simply stands for and means Passion Quotient.

Of all the people we have researched and surveyed around the globe, we finally met someone who has attained 8 points on a 10 point scale. There is hope. There is passion alive in this world. Make it more passionate for yourselves. 
How do you make it more passionate? Simple. You ought to first gain the awareness as to what level of passion is alive in you and then begin to make decisions that will impact and enhance that level to be a higher point than in the past.

linkedin.comThink it, like it, wish it, develop it, do it, act it, repeat it, keep it, love it. Simple, was it?

What is your water cooler conversation?

Heard it in passing,”My CEO has one goal and that is to retain people, but if the morale is down he does not care because he knows that people will not quit the job, as there are fewer jobs available in the market”. “Why do companies that make huge profits pay their Representatives the lowest wages?” “Why is it acceptable for all the Managers to be off on Fridays and Saturdays, but the others will have to work?” The list goes on and can go on, however, this is an epidemic all throughout most of corporate arena.
How do you resolve this? You ask. You can resolve this by managing upward… No boss is so superior that a wrong doing can not be brought to their attention. How you do it is more important than what you do.

  1. Don’t be intimidated by the bosses. After all, they are the same as you and I. 
  2. Just as the bosses try to understand what motivates you, try finding out what motivates them. 
  3. If they can not stand the wrong doing, ask them if that rule applies to you and that they ought to know you don’t stand the ill from others either. 
  4. Don’t give credence to the motto: Rule Number 1: The boss is always right. 
  5. Continue fulfilling and exceeding your responsibility to the fullest and they know they MUST leave you alone. 
It sounds easier said than done? Go on, give it just one try and you will reckon that it is easier done than said. 

Are you the rare few???

“Training is for the select few;
Learning is for the eager few.
Implementation for the rare few,
Rare are the passionate few!!”

Passion is the sunshine of our lives, enjoy the rise and the beauty of setting…!

What is the distinction between life and athletics?

We have proven time and again that if you want to improve your game, play with someone that is a better player than yourself.

It is so clear to apply that same principle to our lives as well. What, then, is the distinction between life and athletics?

This weekend so many stories prove that each story is more powerful than our own and we must pay attention to those stories as there is so much we end up learning from each individual stories.

A eighty five year old who started his business when he was sixty seven, an auditor flying across the globe for the last forty years helping businesses improve their quality, a supervisor back at work in a week after being hit by a TUG on the tarmac and landing on the concrete breaking her backbone, a mother fighting cancer enthusiastically, or a trainer living a full life even after being hit by a truck and losing a kidney and breaking the abdomen, and of course getting exemplary service from each one of them in spite of the conditions they are in.

Of there were other stories as well that brought me to a man who knows for sure that he is to live for ninety nine years of age, but will know what he wants to do after seventy years only on his seventieth birthday!!

My invitation to all, become a story teller, but better yet become an avid listener and begin to share all the stories you come across.

Why do people & organizations not learn from training?

Perhaps the onus is on the trainers and most trainers teach others to do the right things, but stays away from learning those very things for themselves and keep from walking the talk.

Impact is retained and provides a turn around only if the trainers implement what they preach or have been through the learning themselves at one point in the past to show others that there is no distinction between the trainers and the trainees. We are all humans.

How can a trainer stand in front of 30-40 people at eight in the evening and address them with these very words: “I am so tired, and I was so far away from here, so in fact I was not going to come and speak to you for 90 minutes, but then I said let me go and finish this, so I am very tired, but I am here after dealing with a lot of traffic so let’s get this done. I am here to talk to you about creativity.”

Mediocre groups invite such speakers and such speakers and trainers get away with such outbursts with no impact on the outcome. Companies do the same thing. They either have relied on trainers for a long time with no impact, or organizations will claim that we rely on internal training only. Don’t the organizations know that when the training is kept with internal sources, it does the participants injustice by not giving new and innovative perspectives and approaches.

“A” people hire “A” people and “B” people hire “C” people. Get to know the “A” by becoming “A” category people.

See, smell, savor, and sparkle all over, everywhere, every time!

Each location has its own aroma. Every person defines beauty based on what is seen. Having traveled multiple countries and locations, I have anticipated a peculiar smell for every corner of the world and found it.

Cherry blossoms in Shinzuku Gardens in Tokyo, foliage in Seattle, fall in Ann Arbor, fog in London, midnight in Paris, rain in Phoenix, smog in Shanghai or the back alleys of Bombay, they all seemed to provide an acute sense of smell.

A change in perspective has brought key freshness to every spot I visit, every person I meet, every closed room I enter, every cologne I come across and every food I cherish. It is a delight to find such fresh thoughts about every place I experience because there is nothing untoward about that place or person or the smell. I find fresh air in closed rooms and outside, I find a pleasant aroma all around and not once do I complain about the odor in the surrounding.

We must learn to cherish every aspect of life. Sometimes it happens sometimes we make it happen. The change in perspective, however, happens and occurs because of our attitude and aptitude towards life.

It matters very little however significant loss it may appear to be, if you are determined to make the most of each facet you face. I cherish all places, everyone, each season, flower, terrain, forest.

I have lost something and yet gained a lot. What have I lost, you ask? I have a highly diminished sense of smell yet I feel as if I am in a garden enjoying the flowers bloom and spread their aroma every moment of the day or night.

Enjoy!! See, smell, savor, and sparkle all over, everywhere, each time!!

How long do I have?

A passing thought… how long, another passing whim… what? Why? Each one of us think and believe and know that we are highly successful in our own right. What if things did not go our way and things failed to sustain the outcome! Yes, we are selfish, but a recent passing thought asked me how long do I have to contribute and impact other people to benefit them in all aspects of their lives? A person who was shot in the head is alive and attempting a comeback after a year, a skier fell prey to the fall after fighting with life for about a week, they must also ask how long do they have to enjoy and impact…
What if my road to detour did not connect with the freeway of life in the manner it did after a miraculous recovery! I continue to learn, earn, impact, and thrive. I continue to yearn, search, fulfill, and contribute and become more real by comparison. Be real, be genuine, be true, because at the end of the hard working day, we are all asking the same question: How long do I have? Begin to think of others and their goals before putting your own goals as priority, so that you will be a legend in its own right. How long do you have to build that monument? How long and for what?

How long do we have?