Observe, think, study, learn.! Learning ought to be indispensable..

Make yourself a CLO. Chief Learning Officer of your individual entity. When did you begin learning? When did you observe and study first? Where did you learn it from? Who has been your best teacher? How did you learn?

Learning begins with breathing. Studying starts with mother’s love. Thinking initiates with dad’s decisions, and observations begin with surroundings that hosts our friends in the community.

Life teaches, school preaches. There is no substitute for learning. Yearn to learn and the earnings will follow.

Every situation teaches from the get go. Ongoing events are the key source of learning for everyone, everyday, and every moment of the day for life. Are you capturing the salient learnings from every anecdote or are you ignoring some learning thinking how futile this learning will be for you?

Apply all learning for a thriving life, there is no alternate.

Training is for the select few; learning is for the eager few. Implimentation is for the rare few and the rare few are the passionate few.

Become exceptional by learning and implimenting lessons from every source.

Make yourself a CLO, not Chief Learning Officer; but make yourself the CLO- Continuous Learning Organization.


How do you define “family”? How does the family define you?

Mother on the prawl

Grateful to the paw for the kill

Meal with the family; delicious…

Family is a fantastic institution. How do you define what family means for you? More importantly, what do you mean to the family?

Is it merely a means for taking care of each other?
What about alignment of values? What about lifelong learning? What about implementation of the learning into individual life without any exception?
How passionate are you about your family? Extended family? Are your friends a part of your family?
Care for your family and your friends to the extent that no compromise will intrude the care you have for them.

Blessed are those that have lasting friendships and family that is an integral part of their respective lives.

How realistic and real are you?


Real situations occur every moment in our lives. Lessons, learning, and news make our day or we let them break our days.
We carry our own baggage with us. Some carry a load, others travel light and yet others create a humorous anecdote out of their own journeys.

This picture speaks so loudly about how we all carry our baggage. Some carry with ease, others become a burden to fellow passengers.
Shanghai airport curb side has this bag size measure for carry on items to see if your carry on will fit the overhead compartment.
Simple. Not so simple to these two.
They thought that this was a cart and so placed their baggage on to this and brought it to the ticket counter.
Smirks and laughter all around did not faze them till the agent mentioned the true purpose for this tool.
How we interpret the meanings all around us is up to us or it is up to our misconception of what it should mean.
The biggest challenge we face is to tolerate the ignorance in others and yet majority of us end up tolerating the fake facades others put in our societies.
Boss gives us a poor evaluation, we get sad. Colleagues give us feedback, we react. Teams put forth ideas that are better than ours, we disown them.
How quickly or slowly do actually respond rather than react?

Take a lesson from each of these occurances and learn from it to develop a realistic vision of what our onward bound ought to be and then see the impact and the difference in your lives.

Challenge, question, but learn and take it as a step towards your focused destination.

Delight awaits you. !!!

Would you accept an invitation to live your life to the fullest? Or…

Does this picture give you an open invitation to live life to the fullest?
What does this picture convey to you in terms of invitation? Sun will rise, light, come to provide the energy during the day, and yet at the end of it all will go light someone else’s universe. Does your life currently do that or do you visualize this tree as a barrier? Do you have enough barriers in your life that stops and hinders you to live and enjoy your life to the fullest? Or…
Do you keep your eye on the sun as a destination and head towards that so focused that the barriers merely become short and small detours and distractions?
What has been your path?
What has been your source of energy or what drains your energy?
There is only one life…there is no moment that will repeat itself. Yet we are under a false assumption that we are to live to be a hundred years old and so we have time to contribute more to that society and community at a later date, alas! News will reveal to you soon that each moment ought to be precious, are you treating those moments as precious and capture the essence of those moments to share with those that care and believe. There are more non-believers than others.

What are you doing to turn them into believers? Are you walking the talk?
Passion is energy… energize your life with fewer distractions.

Live and celebrate your life, there is no other alternative.


One father’s day after the next…what good did you learn from your father?

A father is just like the sun in our lives, he is there either on this side of your life or the other side, but he continues to power strengthen, energize, and provide clarity to you and if you choose to those around you.
Such a sun will rise, stay, light, leave you to light others by his being on this earth. Then rise again.

Live it, believe it!!You will love it…

Such a picture is worth more than millions of words. What say you?


Water and Passion make their mark by being aligned with nature

Water, passion, mind in true nature look for freedom in its highest form. Water finds, discovers and makes its way through the ease of passage. Have you ever heard of water flowing upward bound? It would be considered against nature and would mandate artificial energy and power for that unnatural journey.
Passion seeks its freedom in whatever road it embarks on. Passionate ones become more energetic, happier, and live a true life rather than be on an artificial plank to merely survive.

Capture this moment and take it with you on this passionate voyage. Visualize your destination, even if you have to take to different roads and means to arrive in the most efficient manner.
Keep the climb, enjoy the trees and roses along the way, enjoy the mist, and the spotless blue sky. Keep the climb, Mount Everest is right around the corner to give the extraordinary and exceptional view of this world only a few will ever cherish.

If you have not finalized your destination, select one. “Passion will provide you the purpose. Purpose will seek for you to plan, and obviously plan will demand persistence and thereby you will have sustained success.”


Is success routine or exceptional?

A Flinn scholar will share that such high level success came as naturally and easily as routine, but we know in our respective hearts that success may be routine, but exceptional success is based on the efforts, insights, and clarity of thought that went into the process.

Greater insights come due to the level of determination and focused approach. How often do you get distracted? Why? What has been the outcome or lack there of?

Review justaim4success.com and find relevant information to serve as GPS for the road ahead.

Celebrate life while keeping the climb, as the peak is right around the next bend.





Why would anyone think Bill Gates at Microsoft is stupid?

A bar, a happy hour, a beer or two in the system and this guy turned to me and concluded that I impact others by motivating them to be happier than they are. Instead of asking me about any of his personal questions, he suggested that motivation comes in our lives because of the level of severity in our lives. Steve Jobs thought and said what he said because he knew that he had a life threatening disease, so he had limited time on the earth. “I don’t have to think like that ’cause I am in fact going to be 99 years old. ” Oh and by the way, Bill Gates is stupid, because he wants to give away 95% of his wealth to charity. How stupid is that?”

By these very comments and interactions, he proved to me that he is more stupid than stupid can be described; but that is not the point.

We define passion and legacy 7 million different ways. If Bill wants to passionately leave the legacy of philanthropy more than be known or remembered as the technology giant, how does it make him stupid? Have we gotten so narrow focused and materialistic that anyone who chooses to or elects to define success by non-monetary elements, that those definitions don’t fit our educated society or cultures?

The picture speaks a thousand words and descriptions. Review and study this picture and you will gain various meanings of what is being conveyed. Same phenomenon applies to every picture that is around us, every human being or animal that is around us. We just have not taken the time to understand or gauge the variety of meaning that prevail on this earth in this universe.

Reflect, ponder, capture, share, respect, and rejoice.

Celebrate life, indispensable as it is. twitter.com, linkedin.com, facebook.com

Success and happiness

A question as simple as this has the potential to provide tremendous insights into personal and professional lives  we lead. That simple question to ask: Are you happy because you are successful or are you successful because you are happy? Go on… introspect and think about the answer before you put your autograph on the response.

Both answers will serve merely as the two sides of the same coin. Which side of the coin are you on, ’cause there is no incorrect answer as people will view both sides as correct.

Share your answers with us to research and survey your inner most response. Oh, by the way, please share your thoughts about your response as well.

Happy journey, keep the climb, the peak is right around the corner. 

The indispensable YOU

The traditional belief from around us has been that no one is indispensable. In fact, I reckon that each one of us at some point in time is indispensable. Even if it is for a moment, you were indispensable. The more passionate you are, the longer the duration of you being indispensable. Passion possibly has multiple definitions and what passion means to each one of us is a variety of attributes. Given that, whatever we are passionate about, how have we made ourselves indispensable? Passion is true energy. Energize your life by believing that you and your cause and your being on this earth is indispensable. Once you believe this, your words will say and mean identical theme. Your actions, therefore, will resemble what you desire. The more actions you take, they will turn into lasting habits.
A new way to prove to yourself and others that you are truly indispensable is to create stories around you. Stories create memories and memories build memorable interactions that alter cultures and leave a legacy by leaving you indispensable once again.
Go on…live your life indispensably! Celebrate life!! linkedin.com, twitter.com, facebook.com