Why should you not have a plan?

Plans stink and suck; planning is indispensable. Continue your planning for your goals and destination, but shun the plan. Make it a dynamic document.

Where is the last plan you worked on? When was the last time you reviewed that plan?
How dynamic have you made that plan?

In fact, I wish to share with my readers the significance of planning, however, poor it may be, will be more rewarding than no planning. Can you think of any accomplishment with no planning? Can you think of any legendary accomplishment without any planning?

Here is a model that brings importance of planning to light.

  1. Be Passionate & Plan
  2. Passion will build Ownership
  3. Ownership will bring Leadership
  4. Leadership will seek Accountability
  5. Accountability will fetch Results
  6. Results will provide Sustained Success.
Can you argue with this outcome? The level of sustained success will leave a legacy. Living and beyond. 
  • Monumental palaces
  • Historic cities and sites
  • Urban cities
  • 10,000 Buddha temple 
  • Angkor Wat
  • Wall of China
Spend majority of your time planning for the assignment you take on, you will invariably have an outstanding outcome. 

do yourself a favor and ask yourself how much planning you undertake while working on an assignment or a task? You will be surprised of the answer you give yourself.
Be surprised, but don’t ignore that surprise and begin planning from that moment on.
Watch and be even more surprised with the results you receive.

Get ready to build and create a legend, soon, today, NOW.

What is your bias? Where did it originate? Where is it going? Where will it end up?

Whoever made this colorful palate, how was it made, why was it made? Was there a bias towards certain leaf because of its color?

How do you define bias? Whether partial or otherwise?

The world around me is so enchantingly beautiful! The use of colors in every way and everywhere adds to that charm and the beauty.

Go on, be bold and tell us about yours. 

What is your mission? How far are you from achieving it?

What was the mission in its formulation? Yet, it appears magical in the middle of the ocean…

If you have a mission or if you buy into the mission, there is no obstacle or objection that will ever stand in your way to keep you from fulfilling your goal or reaching your destination. 
Those who feel they do not accomplish their goals, are the ones who get distracted from their mission. Was JFK an astronaut? Did he know how to fly the Apollo? In spite of both the answers reflect negation, he accomplished his mission of landing a man on the moon by end of the decade and safely returning him to the earth…
How and why did he do it, is not important. What is of significance is that he had a mission and he fulfilled it. 
Carve out your mission. You will be amazed to see what you will achieve and others will be surprised that you did it. However, it will be your secret as to how you did it. 
You did it because it was your mission and you were not distracted by any other detours. Twenty four hours in each day will be meager in terms of the time you will need to become the achiever. Stop counting the hours, and minutes, days, and weeks or months. Years may pass, but you will have delighted in the journey and the destination will then become the ONE wonder of the world. 
Did you say this is easier said than done? Begin to take the first steps; you will soon realize- it is easier done than said.
One more nuance or tip to help you take the first step: 
Take the PQ assessment called: pantel4passion  

Debate, Winning, losing, high road, low one! How did passion play its part?

Watching the Presidential debate Wednesday evening, we at ‘Pantel 4 Passion’ (www.pantel4passion.com)  extrapolated the personal Passion Quotient (PQ) based upon the candidates body language, mannerisms and answers to questions.  
With 30+ years of experience the Passion Quotient (PQ) had been developed and the results from the debate were very telling of the passion at the moment.  The PQ levels for both varied. One displayed his passion, while the other’s passion took everyone by surprise. 
Are we more passionate because we show it or are we focused on the outcomes? A high PQ often leads to greater success. 
  • Did Einstein display his passion openly or did he want to be known as the silent performer?
  • What about Gandhi’s passion? How much did he show without the action?
  • How does Warren Buffett or Bill Gates show their passion?   

 You can find your PQ by taking the questionnaire online at www.pantel4passion.com, there is a fee for finding the detail results, but knowing your areas of opportunities could lead to better success.

Next week we will reevaluate the candidates to see if their passion once again matches their success in the debate.    

What decisions brought you where you are today? Or in the future?

Take the first step towards a whole new world of opportunities. 

Your decision to take that first step opened these & many more opportunities. 

Womb to tomb, we make millions of decisions that affect our lives and the continuous outcomes we enjoy, delight or suffer.

The delight or suffering largely rests on our thoughts, as thoughts shape and create our destiny. The million decisions we make stem largely from various aspects and attributes of our lives. However, if you narrow down to a manageable number, these decisions become more lasting in their implementation. Most of the decisions then fall within one of these areas of our lives.

Are you ready to peel the 16 aspects you may have made your decisions? Most of our decisions arise from

  • Living legacy
  • Life as we enjoy
  • Level of ownership we take
  • Passion
  • Leadership
  • Relationships
  • Energy 
  • Mission
  • Decisions 
  • Learning
  • Strategy
  • Career
  • Optimism
  • Planning
  • Reality check and 
  • Integrity
A thought I want to leave you with for your introspection. 
If you ask yourself, which aspect or attribute most of your decisions came from, you will become aware of the journey you wish to take or some detours you may end up taking. 
Ask, ask, ask.

What will you not be optimistic about in life?

I wonder what the BIG picture looks like?
Wow!! This is what the BIGGER picture looks like…

If we consciously begin to perceive everything around us, somehow everything has optimism. Some are positive ones, others take you in a different direction.
Optimism, known by some other names would also be known as hope, ambition, aspiration, and or goals and mission.
Given any stage in life, we have certain view of what our optimism means to us. As we move out of that stage, our optimism changes accordingly. Just as this picture suggests, there is a limited view of what is being shown from behind the caves. We imagine what awaits on the other side of the cave opening, but we don’t see it. We can visualize it, but we can not accurately paint the picture as to what awaits.

Begin to think of the Big picture and the bigger picture that awaits us. The view may just astonish you.

In whatever stage you are in, have you actually asked these kinds of questions for the bigger perspective?

Rise above wherever you are and you will see and discover your horizons to be much wider than in the past. There is almost always a way to embark on any voyage, and overcome any obstacles or objections you face in your voyage. You must just look beyond the mountains or cliffs or the oncoming clouds and high tide and waves. They may slow your progress, however, they will not hinder your march towards your destination if you don’t let them.

You are fully equipped with the tools you need for your journeys. Bring them with you and you will uncover your passion for your journey. Onward and outward to your goal and your destination. Keep your optimism alive at every moment of your life. Keep your trigger on your faith and your ambitions, more importantly, keep your goals on a hook and you will begin to accomplish them in short and sustained manner.

Dive in, swim, breathe, enjoy, delight.

Yesterday is memory, today is passing you by, and tomorrow is about creating memories…What will add to your memories tomorrow onwards? 
Life is precious, Be yourself. This assessment will open those doors for you to be YOURSELF.


How much ownership do you have of all that you do?

Where is this place? When was it built? Who built it? Why did he build it? How much planning went into building this? How was it built?

All these questions can be answered by one answer. That one answer is that whoever built this temple, took the highest level of ownership in the design and construction of this temple almost 1000 years ago.

Share your one answer by commenting to this write up.

Why is it that such planning and sustained design still attract us and impress us 1000 years later and will continue to impact us and teach us for many more years, decades, and centuries.

“Have you designed and built your life for others to cherish the legacy you will leave behind for many many years?” Begin to design the legacy by taking full ownership of what you do, what you will do, and what you think…

Your ownership will come because you are passionate about your own legacy…Ownership will seek you to develop leadership. Your leadership traits will then turn you to be more accountable. And your accountability will result in lasting results that will be favorable and help all that wants to be impacted by them.

“Ownership is for the focused few; focused few are the passionate few. Passionate few are the curious few, and the curious few are the legendary few!!”

Find your passion, one step at a time. First step: Follow this link.


Take the first step in living a happier and fulfilled life. Read on…Dive in…

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Can you tell where is this picture taken and what it signifies? Correct answer gets you a prize…

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The P4PQ™ score will display the areas you are most passionate about and the areas requiring your attention to live a more fulfilling and focused life.
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It will be an unparalleled experience!!What do you want to be passionate about today?

How energetic are you?

Water & light frozen for the moment

Lit up invitation to be energetic

Put the energy behind the wind; don’t wait for the wind.

Sun is looking to re-energize for a brighter tomorrow. 

In each of us lies an unfathomable amount of energy that we must choose to use and reenergize for more.

How you use every moment of the awake time for your own growth will make others envious of you and your energy. In fact, your energy, in turn, can and will be contagious to others so that they will start feeling more energetic about their individual lives.

Isn’t servitude the leadership we all should display in our actions and behavior and of course in our energetic lives?

Energize your lives by simply each morning reminding yourself that this day is to be full of pleasant surprises and you do not want to miss out on any of these pleasant surprises. Once you start thinking this and saying it each morning, you will act like that too and by these actions you will decrease the level of tiredness you will feel everyday. Soon this will become a habit and your character will befit the energy you deserve and desire to live a more fulfilling days.
Water and fire are two sources of energy. I have tried to capture them in their full glory to depict the power they contain in providing energy to us and a message of energy to others so that we can begin to spread an epidemic.

Be energetic; be contagious…Be the envy; there’s no alternative.

What is your ideal job?

What is your ideal job? Why do you think about a career? What makes you passionate about your job?

When did you start paying attention to your job and the search for the right one rather than a job? How does a job or interest in a job turn that into a career?


Continue to learn from every job, role, and responsibility. The challenge is to eagerly learn whether from a positive experience or otherwise. If you personally allow this, learning will take place in every situation. That learning will then invite you to thrive in life irrespective of your liking or dislike for the job, role or responsibility.

I have met and interacted with people in different jobs. If nothing else, most of them show a certain  affection towards their respective job. The bigger question is, how long will they be able to display that affection if they are not truly passionate about their jobs?

Ask the right questions of yourself and you will be able to resolve any situation, obstacles, or objection. Ask the right questions of others at the pertinent time and you will gain a tremendous insight into their situation, obstacles, and their respective roles, jobs, and other responsibilities.