Life is one step, one door, one turn at a time…

Nothing surprises me more than a noble deed by a few irrespective of how nominal that deed may be.

Each one of us end up committing small deeds that are uniquely noble and good in every way. If we believe that we commit those kinds of act, it should be a given that others commit those kinds of act as well. However, we fail to recognize the good of others and pay less attention than we pay to our own acts.

The flip side of the coin tell us a different story as well. If we begin to pay a close attention to all that is happening around us, incidents of ill doing seem to have become a trend or a routine. Therefore, most of the times the news about fraud, deceit, violence surprise me little as compared to the uniqueness of benevolence and honesty, trust and integrity.

We all have mentors and our conscience that lead us to be happier than yesterday. Slow down and energize yourself.

Meditate to attract energy that will help benefit the humankind. Life brings us awareness in the strangest places and one step at a time. Life brings us the most distinguished choices by opening one door at a time and shutting one behind you. Life twists like a roller coaster to excite, energize and make us happier one turn at a time.

Life is, more or less, what this picture portrays. One step, one door, one turn of remarkable experiences and memories.

Be well.

What is the difference between duty & pleasure?

Legacy, Passion, Ownership, Leadership, Mission, Strategy, Integrity, Optimism…

The shorter the distance between duty and pleasure, the happier your life! There exists a huge distinction and distance between duty and passion/ pleasure.

Majority of the people live up to and fulfill their duty. They at least perform their duty. Some of them even rejoice fulfilling their duty. A rare few dig in and dive in for their passion.

L                                                          LOVE
I                                                      INTEGRITY
F                                                      FOCUSED
E                                                       ENERGY

I                                                        IMPACT
S                                                      SUCCESS

F                                          FRIENDSHIP WITH FEW
A                                               ALIGN WITH ALL
S                                              SEARCH FOR SOUL
T                                               TRUST THYSELF…

All of us received this huge gift called life… Don’t waste it.

There are very few friends, who you can share your gift called life. Last story defined friendship in a rare light.

Here are two other anecdotes. Shawna reached into her purse and brought out whatever cash she had on her to give to Jana. Jana’s husband had just suffered a severe accident and was to be admitted to the hospital. Shawna did not count how much cash did she give Jana, but for Jana it was the most valuable gift she had received in her life. Did Shawna give this gift out of duty or was it her passion for friendship towards Jana that gave her the pleasure to gift?

To Jana’s surprise, M brought a check and gifted a large sum to Jana with no expectation in return. Another indispensable gift from a true friend. How many friends reach out to you like this and do this? Was this an example of duty performance or a deep pleasure that was driven by M’s passion for friendship?

Align with all by spontaneous interactions. If you have no malice in your interactions, be less worried about what the outcome. People will say anything as long as it serves their purpose. Have a clear heart, an innocence of a child, focus of an archer, and of course love for the just and trust in the right.

A caution for those, who adopts this…You will be the envy and alone as you are an exception in an environment full of hypocrisy. Acquaintances will depart, but to your glory!! A friendship that ends never began.

Search for soul and not just a temporary acquaintance.

Trust Thyself.

Delete the distinction, distance, difference, and the detour between your duty and your passionate pleasure; you will not once work in your life. Your work will, then, become your delight and a sheer joy for others as you exceed your goals in every respect in all aspects.

If you believe that your life is a gift to you for you, stop wasting it with those around you who are infinitely mediocre.

Purposefully persist towards your planned passion!!!

How do you define friendship?

When Chris opened the envelope, there was a cleanly written check for $20,000 in Chris’s name. Thirty seconds later, the check felt some rain drops…Alas, those were the tears from Chris’s unbelieving eyes, and not the rain drops. Chris now recognized the true meaning of “Shock and Awe.”

Such a story that is so powerful yet unbelievable!! Is this why the saying goes: Truth is stranger than fiction? Two friends! Chris & Kim. Chris was in disbelief with the jaw dropping gift from Kim when Chris opened the envelope.

Chris had recently ended her marriage of 17 years. The divorce did not come easy, it was rather bitter yet Chris held the head high and moved out and moved to another city. Recent economic trends set her income at an all time low and monetary support was meager. Chris mentioned nothing about all this to Kim. Needless to say that Kim sensed the level of unhappiness in Chris’s life.

Kim, on the other hand, had a sudden demise of the spouse. Kim was left with a family business about 800 miles away and this business had become Kim’s responsibility along with the family responsibilities as well. Kim had no other means to make money. In order to save funds, Kim would drive from the town Kim lived in, to the point of business each week. Yes, that is 800 miles each way every week. Kim was also faced with the challenges of a start up and lower economic trend. We all can guess what personal challenges Kim must have faced in addition to the ones mentioned above. Not to mention the mortgage, loan payments, school fees, and household expenses.

Yet, Kim found it to be so gracious and gifted Chris with the said amount with no expectation in return. Did I say no expectation in return? Kim is a bigger leader than most others you will find or hear about in your lives. Kim is truth and a true donor, even bigger than most other philanthropists we hear about in the world. Kim is real and a friend that everyone should be and must be envious about. Kim is a dream come true, when it comes to friendship.

I invite you to define friendship? What reason did Kim have to gift Chris a sizable amount of not a penny less than what was on the check? How did Kim downplay her own loss, challenges, problems, and future planning? Is Kim an exception? If your answer to the last question is a resounding YES, what makes Kim an exception? What exceptional friends have you met or experienced? 

Go on…give us your answers to these questions. About 25000 readers around the world are eager to hear your responses to these questions. Surprise them with your answers.

Keep Walking, the peak is around the corner…

Even as life hands us bumps in the road, our goal must be to continue to 

  • Win with passion
  • Accept all obstacles & overcome them.
  • Love your life ’cause it is so precious.
  • Know yourself.
I hope you enjoy the…WALK. 
(WALK is the only way to get to your passionate destination).

What is your first step?
When will you take your first step?
Why is your first step delayed?

If economy is on the right track, are you? If not, why not?

When was the last time you or your team went through executive training that left you more effective?

If you are left scratching your head trying to recall when you are not alone.

Just AIM 4 SUCCESS is a business development company. We help you develop your business by working directly with your leaders in both groups and one-on-one sessions. Our programs have benefited and developed executives at both small companies and multi-national companies including American Express and Microsoft. At every organization that we work with we are sure to focus on helping the business leaders reach their potential and their passion while also keeping a sharp focus toward the bottom line.

Just don’t take our word for it!! Here are quotes from our former and current clients:

While the content was very rich and relevant, it almost did not matter!! Ben’s teaching style, level of expertise, and rapport with the entire audience made the two days invaluable! I would be the first one to sign up for a two day course on how to make ice, if Ben was teaching it!!!
MP, Sales Leadership, Microsoft

In my 22 years at Microsoft, I have not had a training program like this before. I woke up at 3am on a Saturday morning thinking about the last two days of training with Ben, what a life altering experience! Ben’s passion for Leadership Training and Solution Sales Training is contagious. The sessions were extremely informative and fun. I have taken this training at least twice before, but there was no comparison to the session led by Ben. This was by far the best course I have taken at Microsoft. I will retain most of the learning from this session and will apply them immediately.
JP, Solution Sales Partner, Microsoft

In today’s competitive business environment, training budgets are shrinking, and the expectation on the ROI for each dollar is increasing. Training that sticks is key!!! Leadership development and coaching is critical to keeping your employees on the front line motivated and passionate each and every day. Just Aim 4 Success is your key to unlock the best from your people!!!!
Just Aim 4 Success is not a single training or event. Just Aim 4 Success is about a partnership where we can help you overcome the challenges in today’s business environment through uncommon, innovative and life-changing approaches.

Make each day, a uniquely fantastic one from this point on…..

Whether your position in the company requires product sales or delivering services to a client, your ability to influence people is absolutely required to achieve success. You may be simply informing others of your ideas or actively persuading people to purchase your product. In each case, you must have a planned persuasive approach to get the results you want and that will produce the profits the business requires.

· Learning the art of “Influencing” will take only a day from our facilitators but it is a lifelong lesson for each member of your team. Just AIM 4 Success provides the key steps for real life applicability to influence others at each opportunity.
· Participants gain a deep understanding of their own context in relation to others. They will also be given the opportunity to be introspective about their strengths and will self identify areas for additional skills and knowledge to become more proficient at influencing others.
· Participants also learn the key questioning methodology. By interacting with one another they will be given the opportunity to learn key nuances that they can adopt that will build rapport and create effective communication.
· This program also touches on the core stages of decision making and teaches how to overcome any objection you will face when influencing others.

Did Gandhi do this or would Bill Gates or Warren Buffett do it?

There are 7 billion people on our earth. At what point in their respective lives did Gandhi or Bill Gates decide that they were to be the top 7 leaders in terms of their contributions to human society?

We all are highly impressed when a comedian or a politician shows us an extraordinary quick witted  response to the toughest questions. Little do we know that there is a huge amount of planning goes on behind the scenes for every possibility!

How will you finish your race? Will you be among the top 7 leaders, or will you be among the top 71 leaders? Have you planned to be within the top 700 leaders or do you leave that top rank for others?

What is your contribution since the past, today, tomorrow, and beyond tomorrow? Only you can answer these very intricate questions.

First find your answers for yourselves. Hold a mirror in front of you at all times. If nothing else, know it in your heart that the mirror will not lie to you.

Hold a mirror and live in the truth. Live in the might of the introspection, you will not ever tarnish your own image.

How do you define success? Your definition of success varies from others’ idea of success.

If you so decide, you are no Gandhi nor are you Bill Gates or Warren, know it well in your deepest quarters that you are no less…

Shun the group dynamics in 2013 AND BEYOND…& Become more healthy.

Group dynamics end up doing more damage than good in most cases.

US elections and the silo surveys and research brought a huge surprise to one side. Mitt met the might of the unswayed, the focused, and the determined most. Have a spine and guts to believe.

Group dynamics led a lady to her death in Singapore after a terrible torture by the group in Delhi.

Group dynamics of a few led one to kill more in Newtown, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, and other places.

We are sitting on the edge of a CLIFF, ready or not, willing or not, to fall because of the lousy group dynamics of a few.

A dare and bet for all those who are willing to be different in the coming days and months. Here is to being different and not believing or giving into one, two, or a few who have malice and selfish interests at the heart of their every action, decision, and interaction mainly due to their own insecurities or level of passion in their lives.

Are you so poor that you have not a thing other than a few meager amounts of money? Become rich and make others the same.

Group dynamics is the sickness that is an epidemic and spreads faster than many other illnesses. Are you therefore the cure or do you carry the same contagious germs?

Be more healthy, happy, rich, and more energized by shunning those who ask or invite you to their group dynamism and their level of mediocre thinking. There are still a few people left with the highest levels of integrity and passion. Find them, keep them, and cherish them… you will be more rich in your lives.

Be the best at everything you do by being yourself rather than living what others seek you to be.

Why we, Americans, make decisions in spite of…

Newtown, CT, Colorado, Oregon, endless number of places, incidents, rare as they may be, they continue to be life threatening for innocents and the worst thing about these episodes is that it can happen anywhere to anyone for any reason.

A claim that this 20 year old was sick and challenged is a surprise beyond reason. There are many many multiples of sick ones walking the face of the earth. Should we then expect or anticipate millions of such nightmares fairly frequently? In parallel there are millions and millions of healthy ones also who stroll the earth. Let’s give them credit in what they stand for and what they believe. Let’s help them help those in need, so that we would be done with all this senseless killings.

PICK from where you are to lead to where you wish to go. PICK stands for:

If you are wealthy with these 4 attributes, no obstacle or objection will ever stand in your way to glory and legacy. 
Determination to keep such events occurring again anywhere is the first and only mission that will help us find solution and a resolution to ending, halting, and thereby eliminating such occurrences in the future. 

Willingly at work or are you forced to work?

Work has everything to do with 180 degree view and perspective. 
This week, an event, an interaction brought me this awareness that some people come to work with all kinds of hesitation and with a level of resistance that manifests in their dealing and working with others irrespective of how polite the others may be with him or her…
Do you ever face this? In spite of you being so polite and humble, the other person is hell bent on being rude and impolite with you…
A phone call to help my son volunteer at an institute to help seniors living there…person’s response so rude and threatening, my son did not want to ever call that place again. My wife spoke to the institute on a separate phone call with similar result, and the third one did not prove any different. 
Mind you, this is to volunteer at this place, with zero expectation in return, and yet this treatment! 
Can you imagine what the seniors are facing and how they are being treated behind closed doors? 
Enough said, but the school has now decided to not send any student, our future leaders to volunteer at this institution…
Do you get or take 180 degree of every institute you work with and seek their services? Buildings don’t make an organization, people and their outlook and mindset do. 
Find one!

Victory after victory after victory tells me there is humanity and justice…

Irrespective of what the others feel and believe, regardless of what games and gains others show, worthless it is to waver from your positions and your fundamental philosophies. Passion will provide you the purpose… Purpose will give you the planning and planning will invite you to become truly and passionately persistent, which will then land you the sustained success and the legendary legacy.

Need we say more!!! Congratulations, Barack.