Focused Integrity with Determination to Empower Legends in Intuition to Trust and Yearn to learn…

I am no expert on future predictions, however, this one seems to cling on to me and that prediction is that if we wish and desire for India take a more righteous path, and bring our roots back from ancient glory to future legacy….Narendra Modi will light the path not only for India, but also for other areas in the world.

A gloriously legendary journey!! Amazing characteristics of being a ‘Common Man’ and continuing to be one, irrespective of the positional power. It is with great degree of conviction that I can claim that this one would be the ‘Pristine Man’ regardless whether he is known as the PM or otherwise.

Such legends come amongst us once in a century, or once in a life time. Whatever your thoughts and feelings and opinion about him, don’t ever short change his fortitude, his organization, his integrity, and his courage as well as his foundation in the grass roots he continues to salute.

I was gifted with this meeting with him merely because of his humility, but also because I was truly focused in integrity with the determination to get empowered by such a legend and intuitively trusted and yearned to learn from him on a continuum.

We have heard of stories from around the world how Nelson Mandela left a legacy by being true to himself and his ideals in spite of massive number of obstacles and hurdles. We have heard of Gandhi and others rise to the highest levels of leadership even after starting with humble beginnings. US proved the same by electing Barack Obama as the President twice after his humble start.

Let’s prove it one more time, that India is the land of high integrity, reverence to purity, spiritual foundation, and unparalleled leadership by making sure that we raise a toast to the CM- Common Man, be the PM- Pristine Man or the Prime Minister.

In doing so, I assure you “Tea will have never tasted better any where in the world past the day of his electoral victory.”

In 1492, Columbus discovered America; for $14.92 what do you want to discover? Here is to a ‘Road map to legendary life’…

There is sunrise every moment somewhere in this universe. How well lit is your path to the peak to delight in your sunrise?

It seems like every day someone writes a “how to” leadership book full of abstract examples. I’ve written a book that teaches leadership by telling the life story of a real person, Ravi.
Many leadership books tell readers what to think and do. My book allows them to find their own leadership “truth” through thoughtful reflection as they see Ravi change and impact his community.
While this is my leadership story book, I have more than 40,000 worldwide readers of my leadership blog.

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Paying forward…

He was in the middle seat of this 4 hour flight from Detroit to Phoenix. Calm, shy, but a cheerful bright smile. He just flew in from Nairobi to Amsterdam to Detroit to Phoenix. Ah! A new incoming student on a student visa for higher education for a better future! The long flight did not tire him, nor did the time difference showed on his smile. His name is Eric.

I asked him if he had something to eat during his journey, but his hesitant positive response indicated that even if he had a meal, he was possibly hungry. After a few minutes of small talk and obtaining some details about the school, I left him alone. As we were in the air, when Barb, the exceptional Flight attendant, came over to ask for service, I mentioned to her what I wished for a drink, purchase a meal for myself, and asked Eric if he wanted to eat something.

Eric ordered, so did I. I gave my American Express card to Barb to pay for the fare. Barb took the card, smiled, and returned the card to me without charging. That was the last thing I wanted to have happen, because I wanted to pay for my meal, drink, and Eric’s sandwich. Barb said, “Sir, I love you for who you are and I heard your question to him. This one is me.” Up until this point, I thought I was paying forward. Pleasantly stunned as I was, I could only think and say, “Barb, you just paid forward.”

When it comes to expecting exemplary service, I am a demanding SOB, and yet in the last 35 years, I have received ONLY a handful of poor service from certain service members. Whether it is Delta, Marriott, Costco, Acura, Singapore Airline or American Express, there are leaders I meet in every transaction and all interactions that have become the true EDGE of a service industry that receives no kudos, no compliments, and no aha moments!

These companies don’t receive all the recognition they deserve, but whether it is Rebecca, Altaf, Barb, Ida, Rosie, Sandra, Adam, Edgar, Frank, Monica in Ottawa or Sherrie, anyone who helped me and prodded me to write about these leaders, whose names range from A to Z are absolutely exceptional and they serve to create a lasting legacy, whether they get recognized or not.

The deepest level of respect I have for these leaders is because of myriad of reasons, however, the few worth mentioning here are:

  • They serve you with a smile, irrespective of the long duration of the flight and the time difference
  • They serve you as if you are their God, even if you treat them with a sense of entitlement
  • They create lasting memories, even though they don’t receive any in return
  • They leave their families and loved ones to serve the families of others, just as you and I do in our respective roles, but we minimize their contributions to our lives that is made more pleasant each time when we are away from home. 
Pay forward yourself, so that Eric and others like Eric can continue to explore better life with the help of leaders like Barb and countless others in her profession. 

What if…

August 4th 2010 is a routine date for most, but a 12 year old, who witnessed possibly the most scary accident of his life, recalls this date at 4:32 pm and prays and thanks God and his mom that the said date did not bring any untoward impact in their life. 
What if…he had lost his speech?
What if he had lost all his memories? 
What if he had suffered not repairable injuries? 
There are still a lot of ‘What if’…but the one answer he has found since August 4th 2010 is this: 

To bring awareness that there is greatness in all of us and there by make them stronger is my ideal goal and aspiration. 

What is yours? If you ask yourself that very question, you may be surprised by the answer you will find and get from yourself…

A precious life, a timely answer, and a relevant awareness will change and impact so many more lives… Go on, ask yourself, “What is your goal?”

How good is your medicine?

How often have you asked yourself this question about the medications you take?

If you have not, ask yourself this question…How often do you get so close to an erupted volcano or step on it? Even if you do, you would take ample care and conduct extensive research before stepping into and going near a volcano.

 My suggestions for you are to do the same level of diligence before taking any medications. Find out where the medicine is made? What kind of company has made them? What are their key practices and their reputation?

FDA provides a range of acceptable standards for imported medications. How close are the medications to those ranges set by the FDA?

If you have taken any generic medicine that is made overseas, how well and effectively does it work?

Be well, be diligent, because there are more manufacturers of generics than road side food stalls in developing countries. If they don’t deliver the quality you expect, raise your voice, increase the noise level.

You will, soon, find that paying more for medications from known sources is much more cost effective than those from the unknown ones. Your health and your body are significantly more valuable than the few pennies you will save in the short term.

Our experiences from the other side of the medical community brings this awareness. Be aware! Life is short. Love it, live it, and treat it with care…Don’t get burned or catch the heat from the flowing lava near you.

No, I don’t work for a medicine company, and yes, I do take generic medications myself. 

Success is your lucky number…irrespective of how you define success!

Seventh rank in the nation of all other colleagues is something truly remarkable. Seventh rank in the nation of all other colleagues who are full time employees and Jana does it with ease even though her responsibilities are part time. That is unbelievable…

Eight years in a row, she is number one in the region, in spite of her being a part time employee. How does she do it? She is no different than all other colleagues in all aspects, than she is more focused, more energetic, and more determined.

Here is the beauty of all this. Every evening she confesses to her husband that she is not in sales and she can not sell, but she does it naturally to help the potential clients. What a novel idea?

 She is more determined and more focused than the “Victoria Falls.” She continues to invite and bring multiple rainbows with her, wherever she goes, interacts, and contributes.

She defines success as:

  • Staying Ahead
  • Upward Gaze
  • Clarity 
  • Confidence
  • Empower
  • Sustained
  • Success
If you introspect just a bit with this: Success, Victory, and Winners are all 7 letter words. Did you say coincidence? I think not. 
I know of one individual, who made it to a new environment and started contributing to an organization at an entry level and rose to be one of the top 7 officers in a 65,000 people organization. 
Success may be a lucky number, but the real lucky number ought to be SEVEN. 
Be successful. It is easier done than said. 

Each one of us…is a unique journey…

Each career is a unique journey. There may be at least 10,000 different stories floating around us and each one is not only unique, but as powerful.

Each journey brings its own emotional expressions..Establish yours as your image!

Different careers start at key points of time in our lives. Some triggers play a huge part in our careers and some play bigger roles in our careers.

Jobs after jobs, roles after roles become routine, unless you begin to take initiatives that are so unparalleled that no one else can even come close to you.

Has loyalty been a one way traffic? I will let you decide where does the loyalty fit in at the highest level?

Each one of us dreams of being in business for ourselves, not to be our boss, but to help others the way we wish to be helped.

Growth in business comes because of effective strategies or planning, but hidden boosts from great leaders provide key outcomes to our ongoing initiatives.

Our recent initiative received such a turbo boost by a legendary leader of a friend, that gratitude is too meager a word, phrase, or an expression to salute this leader.

Find them, make them your mentors, have them monitor your growth…keep them and rejoice aligning with them…

Your life and the world will be boundless and serve you in plenty. 

You have all the answers, why have you not asked the questions?

All the knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind; the infinite library of the universe is in your own mind. The external world is simply the suggestion, the occasion, which sets you to study your own mind, but the object of your study is always your own mind. 

The truth is not in any religion, it is here in the human soul, the emporium of all knowledge, the mine of all existence. That which is external is but a dull reflection at best of that which is inside.

The falling of an apple gave the suggestion to Newton, and he studied his own mind. He rearranged all the previous links of thought in his mind and discovered a new link among them, which we call the law of gravitation.
What have you rearranged? What suggestions do you look for? 

Is corruption due to location or vocation? Culture or structure? Greed or creed?

I was recently told that it is not the culture that makes you corrupt, it is in fact the individuals who are corrupt. In my ignorance I ask you this: How is a culture formed? How do you define culture?

Isn’t culture some accepted behavior over time in a certain group of people or a location of geographical proximity? This accepted behavior by some then becomes a norm or a trend. That trend then becomes a majority. That majority, sometimes, becomes law of the land. If the unwritten rule of the land becomes more frequent, then it starts to shape a culture adopted by more people. That very trend stays in a society for years, decades, and in some cases even for centuries.

Hence, at the end of it all, corruption does occur as a result of culture.

Does corruption, then, happen due to location? If you bring a corrupt person from one location to another, does that person stop being corrupt? Anecdotal experiences over the years show that location plays a small role in changing values of people.

Many people from a certain location continue to be corrupt, even when they migrate to another location.

What per cent of the people in emerging markets do you think are corrupt? The answer came back was 97%. I added 2% more to that number and it a pleasing 99%. Pleasing, you ask? Sarcasm is the only way for our move forward.

If we bring the 15 most corrupt people in the world in a room and ask them if they are corrupt, what do you imagine will be their answer? An emphatic “NO”. Mind you, I am talking about the most corrupt people and yet the answer would be a negative.

You can eradicate corruption only by an individual decision and their determination. If we look at the societal structure, we soon deduce that clashes happen because of individual bias. Biases come due to beliefs. Beliefs rise from values, and values are instilled out of politics of many aspects. Politics breeds creed of victory. Creed is resulted in corrupt means or corruption and corruption is born out individual greed.

During your life time, how much are you going to hurt yourself by corrupting yourself of the highest values?

Share your most significant story about corruption you have faced in your life. That awareness and the reminder will be your first step in moving towards the betterment and the healing from such an epidemic of corruption that is almost all pervasive in most cultures and societies.

Be victorious, take the first step and share.

If you love your life and love yourself….

Love Integrity, Peace, Success!

Such a charming man with out any bull….. Your true goodness really comes through, just like you teach, gotta walk the talk. I can see why so many people want to love and adore you!! 

Your true goodness will really come through. This afternoon such an example occurred with a friend I am yet to meet. Her can do attitude, her genuine charm and the highest level of integrity came through in our conversation.

Another powerful story to narrate…Her life brought her from one continent to the other, from the humid heat to the frigid freeze, from a culture of one extreme to another and yet another. She did not lose her focus and stayed determined at keeping an unparalleled level of can do mindset.

Her environment changed so many times, but she did not let the external sources or forces impact the outcome.

What an energy and passion! What a life to live while living up to the high cause of raising the level and standards for women all across the globe!! Kudos to you…

If you love your life and love yourself, righteously, ethically, and with integrity, there is no obstacle or objection that will ever stand in your way to keep you from exceeding your goals.

Go on…make your day! Shatter the rear view mirror.